How To Bypass Windows 7 Password

Hi! This video teaches us one possible solution, how we can bypass windows 7 password WITHOUT ANY THIRD PARTY TOOLS.

Since it was too complicated, I made a post below how I managed to find a perfect solution for myself. =)

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Easy Way How I Bypass Windows 7 Password Recently

It may be that you have had a rumor centered on Reset Password Pro. However, this is not a rumor; it’s an actual program that works. The following is a personal review of my experience how to bypass windows 7 password with this tool.

It happened so, that I came from my annual month long leave from work and a glorious holiday, but I came back to disaster. I had accidentally forgotten my computer password. As much as I did everything thinkable to remember, I still couldn’t figure out what my computer password was.
I was very infuriated.

You can imagine what levels of depression I reached since I couldn’t access any important files that I really had to use. Thankfully, a work colleague was kind enough to recommend a password reset tool, I was happy and trod along the internet for a solution that would rid me off my dilemma, and I was lucky to stumble upon Reset Password Pro.

I did my research
Before I decided to install the tool, I went through a number of similar programs and took time to read feedback and reviews from others that had purchased the same. The Reset Password Pro was overall picked to be the best program tool to bypass windows 7 password.

I Forgot My Password
Read more from their homepage …
Steps I Took
First and for-most, I followed the link of the site that said “Download Reset Password Pro”. I was redirected to a page which I clicked on the “Download Now” button and was once again directed to the payments options.

My face lit up when I say that this program accepts PayPal payments and it wasn’t necessary for me to have my debit car credentials with me.
After securing my payment, I was issued with a user name and a password that I immediately used to log into the downloading tool. The installation process was rapid, easy and I was given a few videos and images which I would use as a reference whenever I got stuck and needed instructions to carry on with the right installation procedure.

Literary a couple of minutes later, the installation was done and I was asked to create a boot disk. This is a process which is easy and only requires one to make use of a CD or USB drive to burn the tool and run it on the PC in case one forgets the password yet again!

So you also forgot windows 7 password? Don’t worry as this tool is perfect for this operating system, why do I say this? Well because I had also forgotten the password to my Laptop which I use occasionally and all I did was plug in the USB drive on the laptop and in a few short minutes I was shown a list of the administrators using the laptop.

All you have to do like I did is simple select your user name and Reset, within a short period your computer will be unlocked and you don’t have to put your password in. If you run a windows 7 operating system, the tool works as your windows 7 password reset disk and it will remove the password option safely and you will not have to enter your password anymore when you log in.

NB: To summarize, the Reset Password Pro tool is an easy one and due to the wonderful experience I have had with this tool, I am personally guaranteeing it to all who share a similar predicament. Highly recommending to everyone who may face this kind of situations. I have heared and they list that this tool even works with windows 8, so it is also great for newer operation systems. Also coming with 24/7 support, but I didn’t even see any need of it, because it really is that simple as it shows.

You can read more specifics from the home page of this password reset software tool HERE